Sex differences in developmental patterns of neocortical astroglia: a mouse translatome database

Authors: Gareth M. Rurak, Stephanie Simard, Moises Freitas-Andrade, Baptiste Lacoste, François Charih, Amanda Van Geel, John Stead, Barbara Woodside, James R. Green, Gianfilippo Coppola, Natalina Salmaso

The StarDB database contains a large quantity of TRAPseq measurements quantifying protein translation in a mouse model at various phases of development (P1, P4, P7, P15, P35 and adulthood).

The scientific value of our database is demonstrated in the accompanying paper Translatomic database of cortical astroglia across male and female mouse development reveals two distinct developmental phenotypes where this rich dataset allowed for the identification of phenotypal differences between sexes.